Born in Athens now based in Brussels, Anna Gerolymatou received her early foundation in art from various school courses before pursuing courses in painting and drawing at a later age in Athens. She holds a BA in Management and Organisational Behaviour (the American College of Greece) where she also attended courses in History of Art.

Later on she followed art courses, composition and decoration at the Fine and Applied Arts department at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Brussels, as well as workshops in mixed media and encaustic techniques in the Academie Beeldende Kunsten also in Brussels.

Her artistic journey started in 2014 when she began to develop her personal style by creating mixed media artworks influenced mainly by the Belle Epoque period.
She experiments with many art-making mediums in a way to support her dreams and create aesthetic compositions.

She is participating in major Art Fairs and engages in various art projects that explore the intersection of artistic creativity and creativity in non-arts sectors. In 2017 she produced a catalogue entitled "Voyage Intérieur-Art&Space".


- Certificate from the "Fédération Nationale de la Culture Nationale" for her artistic expression - ART EN CAPITAL 2015 (Grand Palais, Paris, France)
- Certificate of Excellence for her artwork participating at the 21st ArtVita Competition - ARTEXPO New York 2017
- Honourable Mention Award for the high aesthetic, technical and creative stand of her work by the "Circle Foundation of the Arts", 2018
- Certificate by the CFA for Artist of the Year Award 2019
- Honorable Mention Award from CFA, March 2019
- Honorable Mention Award and Honorable Distinction as a semi-finalist, from CFA, Zûrich, SWISS ART EXPO, August 2019
- Honourable Mention Award for the Artist of the Year Competition for 2019, CFA 

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ART PUBLICATION: “Voyage Intérieur” - Art &Space" (available upon request)

ART PUBLICATIONS with an indicative selection of artworks can be bought via AMAZON.com and AMAZON.de




2017 - Gallery Theorema - Brussels
2016 - Gallery Monod - Paris
2015 - TAG Gallery - Brussels
2014 - Gallery ARTZONE42 - Athens


2020 - CFA Themed contest « Art in the time of Coronavirus & Social Distancing »
2019 - WE CONTEMPORARY, TOPIC Salon, Prague, The Czech Republic
2019 - Miami Art Basel, Miami Art Weeks, US
2019 - Swiss Expo, Artbox Project, Zürich, Switzerland
2019 - Parallax ArtFair, Chelsea TownHall, London, UK
2019 - Gallery ARTZONE42 “Sazai-One”, Athens, Greece
2018 - New York, ArtWeeks, NY, USA
2018 - Gallery ARTZONE42, “SCULLIgraphy”, Athens, Greece
2018 - TSICHRITZIS Visual Arts Foundation, Athens, Greece
2018 - Mixed media workshop at the European School of Brussels III, Belgium
2017 - Cube Gallery “Of love and other Damons”, Patra, Greece
2017 - Gallery ARTZONE42, “Art Begins at the end of your comfort zone, Athens, Greece
2017 - Theorema Gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2017 - ARTSHOPPING, Cannes, France
2017 - ENERGY Athens 2017, Greece
2016 - Pan European Architectural Competition ROOM18 (artistic intervention), Athens, Greece
2016 - Manifactura Gallery - Artists’ books, Athens, Greece
2016 - ARTSHOPPING Caroussel du Louvre, Paris, France
2016 - ART EXPO Rome, Italy
2015 - ART EN CAPITAL, Grand Palais, Paris, France
2015 - ArtAz annual exhibition for supporting the homeless in Athens, Greece

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ARTICLE by the renounced Art Critic and Art Historian Athena SCHINA published in the KIRIAKATIKH DIMOKRATIA Newspaper (November 2017)